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A schedule in their pocket.

The MakeShift app for iOS and Android gives your employees an up-to-date look at their work schedule. If your staff don't use smartphones, they can use the employee web app instead.

  • Employees can view their schedule and receive notifications about schedule changes as they happen.
  • Broadcast available shifts for employees to request to work.
  • Employees can subscribe to their preferred calendar app, or share their calendar with friends or family.
  • Employees can see who they're working with on any given day.
iPhones with MakeShift running on them
iPhones with MakeShift running on them

Manage Availability & Time Off

Empower your workforce to set their own availability, letting you know when they are free to work to make scheduling easier.

  • Employees can set their own availability with the mobile or web app.
  • Schedule based on employee availability.
  • Manage and edit employee availabilty.
  • Manage employee time off requests.

Available Shifts

Filling available shifts is one of MakeShift’s core and most valuable features. It helps ensure there are no holes in your schedule and that employees that are willing and able to pick up shifts receive them. It’s also a good way to keep overtime pay under control and ensure you have your best people working.

  • Broadcast available shifts to staff to fill schedule gaps.
  • Send available shifts based on specific skills or certifications, ensuring that the most qualified staff are able to bid on the shift.
  • Schedules are immediately updated when an available shift is assigned, and employees are notified if their request was declined.
iPhones with MakeShift running on them
Various devices with MakeShift running on them

Shift Exchange

Because work/life balance is important, MakeShift offers a few features to make it easier for employees to have more control over their schedules. Shift exchange is a system designed to help co-workers trade and cover shifts.

  • Staff can post the shift they’d like to drop and other employees can offer to trade different shifts with them.
  • Once an exchange is agreed upon, managers can approve or decline it online or through the MakeShift Live app.

Time & Attendance

MakeShift time clock software features an app for clocking in and out, allowing employees to log their time from their own smartphone. This online employee time clock data is used for recording accurate timesheets, as well as notifying managers if someone is late, giving you a complete time and attendance solution.

  • Allow employees to clock in and out from their mobile device (or a dedicated on-site device).
  • Employees can view their timesheet.
  • Prevent "buddy punching" with photo punches.
  • Geofence-enabled sites ensure employees can only clock in or out while they are on site.
iPhones with MakeShift running on them


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