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People First Scheduling

Create more effective schedules based on employee availability, projected budgets, and an optimal schedule template or requirements.

  • Cloud-based and always available.
  • Schedule based on employee availability.
  • Broadcast available shifts to your team to fill gaps in your schedule.
  • Manage time off/leave.
  • Fatigue management rules to prevent employee burnout.

Manage on the Move with MakeShift Live

The MakeShift Live app for managers puts MakeShift's online scheduling software on your mobile phone. Always know who’s working, who’s late, who’s available and more.

  • Daily schedule view, showing who is late, early and on break.
  • Quick approvals.
  • Send available shifts.
  • Create, edit and delete shifts.
  • Adjust clock in and out entries.
Mobile devices with MakeShift running on them
iPad with MakeShift running on it

Time & Attendance

MakeShift goes beyond typical staff scheduling software—it’s a complete time and attendance solution. Employees can clock in and out from their phones (or a dedicated on-site device), generating accurate timesheets automatically. MakeShift also supports payroll data export to Excel, and several popular payroll providers.

  • Accurately track employee time by having your staff clock in and out for their shifts and breaks.
  • Geofence-enabled clock ins.
  • Prevent 'buddy punching' with photo punches.
  • Use the web app or MakeShift Live as an on-site time kiosk for employees to clock in on.
  • Custom overtime and stat holiday pay rules.
  • Approve timesheets and quickly export for payroll.

Team Communication

MakeShift’s online employee schedule software ensures managers and employees are all working with the same information. The online scheduling software and mobile app automatically update scheduled shifts, availability and other information in real time. Plus, you can set custom notifications so you’ll know as soon as anything changes.

  • Send announcements to all staff.
  • Receive push notifications when employees clock in, so you know who is working and who is late, absent, or on break.
  • Broadcast an available shift to eligible staff.
Notifications from MakeShift
Approving time off using MakeShift

Quick Approvals

Spend less time building schedules, and more time managing your business and your team. With MakeShift's approvals, you can quickly assign available shifts, approve a shift exchange or time off. We know you're not always at your desk when schedule changes are happening, so with MakeShift Live you'll be notified when requests are made, and can approve them directly from your mobile device.

  • Approve or decline employee shift exchange requests.
  • Assign available shifts to fill schedule gaps.
  • Review and manage time off requests.


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Lets your employees clock-in and out on their mobile phone or a centralized tablet for always accurate time-tracking.

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