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Time & Attendance

iPhone using camera and location to clock in

Easy Clock-In

Accurately track employee time by allowing them to clock in and out from their phones or an on-site device. Use geofencing to ensure employees are on-site when clocking in and out for their shift and breaks.

  • Quick clock-in's from the employee mobile app.
  • Photos on time punches prevent "buddy punching".
  • Location-based clock-in's.

Accurate Timesheets

Manage employee timesheets based on clock in and out entries, and quickly approve and export to payroll.

  • Managers approve and close timesheets.
  • Automated wage calculations based on payroll rules.
  • Payroll exports to popular payroll providers.
Timesheets table
Mobile devices with MakeShift running on them


With MakeShift Live, our mobile app for managers, you can quickly see who is on shift, on a break and easily adjust time entries.

  • Daily schedule view of shifts compared to clock-in's.
  • Adjust employee time entries.
  • See who is working and who is out.